Message from Principal


Mr. Alexander Francis joined Arwachin International school, Pilkhuwa as its Principal on 21st December, 2018. He is a veteran educationist with around 27 years of experience of teaching English and of mentoring teachers under his stewardship. He is known for his linguistic acumen and has fostered language learning quite earnestly all through his career, teaching the students of both ICSE and CBSE. He has been a noted teacher of remedial learning of English. He has been guiding English teachers and has been enabling them to impart English language instruction through innovative modern ways based on interaction and life based drill methods that have been advocated by modern linguists.

He has been instrumental in his students acquiring life skills which have helped them to succeed in their personal and professional lives. This has also facilitated their winning innumerable laurels in their professional fields. His linguistic training has helped them become leaders wherever they are.

For him education is a responsibility given by God and the society. On one hand the students have to be guided to become good human beings with Indian values; on the other, they have to be trained to become global professionals, entrepreneurs etc to take India to the league of superpowers. This is possible , according to him, only when the students learn to align their energies with their targets and strive to achieve those targets with complete honesty. It is herein that he aims to direct his energies He aims at preparing his students to be global leaders who are sound in ethics, eager in learning, leaders at all times and humane in their treatment of others.