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The education at AIS is often theme and need based. If the need of the hour is to educate the students on the importance of road safety rules, then a number of steps are put into action.
They are told how dangerous it is to cross an overcrowded road without following road safety norms. The school presents the theme at special assemblies. The presentation is recorded and stored for future use. Theme- related scenes and scenarios are then displayed in the theme room for a month. The children who are exposed to outside realities inside the school room may then cross the road correctly and safely when the need arises. Every child is given a chance to take part in live presentations because this aids in building up the confidence of the child. Thus, we follow a pre-defined system where due emphasis is laid on all the aspects of growth and development of a child. It includes not only the child's academic but also his spiritual, emotional, physical and social development as well