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Reading and Quiz

This club create readers in the classroom by teaching students how to read, as well as why to read, and what it is to be a reader.
At Arwachin International School we value reading. Reading is a skill that needs to be practiced daily and those students who have been identified as not active reader in Arwachin International School, not participating in Home Reading and not at all borrowing reading material from the school library, are strongly advised to attend Reading Club. Reading Club operates from Monday -Saturday, in the school library. Qualified teachers/ Librarian will be there to listen to your child read aloud, at an appropriate reading level, and also students already achieving Competent Reading Levels, Parent’s Teacher coordination with pre-schoolers are always welcome to Reading Club, as we believe that this partnership between home and school recognizes the holistic nature of reading.
“When students read for pleasure, when they get ‘hooked on books’, they acquire, involuntarily and without conscious effort, nearly all of the ‘language skills’ many people are concerned about. ”Krashen (2004: 149)
Reading club ’ main aim was “to develop a lasting interest in reading” - skills were seen as subsidiary to interest. They were enthusiastic readers themselves. High achievement came as a result of greater reading mileage. Their classrooms offered attractive reading environments with abundant reading resources.